• KAI Tsugaru

    • 130 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Tsugaru is a hot spring ryokan in northern Japan offering regional delights such as apple-scented baths fed by the famous Owani Hot Spring and Tsugaru shamisen lute concerts.

  • KAI Kawaji

    • 150 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Kawaji is a riverside hot spring ryokan that pays homage to pastoral Japanese scenery, with a traditional row house serving as the entryway and a watermill located on the premises.

  • KAI Kinugawa

    • 120 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Kinugawa is a hot spring ryokan with baths fed by the famous Kinugawa Hot Spring, a wide courtyard boasting beautiful seasonal colors, and interiors decorated with stunning local craft artworks.

  • KAI Nikko

    • 30 min. From Nikko Toshogu Shrine

    KAI Nikko is a hot spring ryokan situated beside the serene Lake Chuzenji. Semi-private dining booths and cedar-lined baths are among the comforts guests can expect at this palatial establishment.

  • KAI Hakone

    • 90 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Hakone is a hot spring ryokan with rooms offering river views. Parquet furnishings and hot spring baths that open out onto vibrant natural scenery reflect the culture and nature of Hakone.

  • KAI Sengokuhara

    • 120 min. From Tokyo

    Opening on July 27, KAI Sengokuhara is a hot spring ryokan located near Hakone in a vast natural setting 700 meters up in the mountains. Both Its Garally and Atelier offers activities in which artists and staff inspire guests to explore their creativity.

  • KAI Atami

    • 50 min. From Tokyo

    Stay at KAI Atami, a hot spring ryokan that overlooks Sagami Bay from a historical mountain inn built in 1849, or the Villa del Sol, an elegant seaside auberge at the foot of the mountain.

  • KAI Anjin

    • 100 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Anjin is a hot spring ryokan in the coastal city of Ito, designed as an art space with a maritime theme. It offers rooms and penthouse bath halls that overlook the ocean.

  • KAI Ito

    • 100 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Ito is a hot spring ryokan in Izu that offers baths fed directly by the skin-rejuvenating waters of Ito Hot Spring, a beautiful Japanese garden, and local seafood delicacies such as Ise lobster.

  • KAI Enshu

    • 60 min. From Nagoya

    KAI Enshu is a hot spring ryokan situated by Lake Hamana in the historic city of Hamamatsu. All rooms offer views of the lake and are decorated with traditional local weave items.

  • KAI Alps

    • 30 min. From Hakuba

    KAI Alps is a hot spring ryokan located in the Japanese Alps with baths fed by Omachi Hot Spring. The ryokan is currently closed for rebuilding and will reopen on December 21, 2017.

  • KAI Matsumoto

    • 15 min. From Matsumoto Castle

    KAI Matsumoto is a hot spring ryokan fed by Asama Hot Spring. Reflecting Matsumoto's thriving music scene, concerts are held nightly in the ryokan lobby, where regional wines are also served.

  • KAI Kaga

    • 35 min. From Kanazawa

    KAI Kaga is a hot spring ryokan built on top of Yamashiro Hot Spring in Kaga. Traditional Kaga craft artworks decorate each room inside the refurbished 400-year-old ryokan building.

  • KAI Izumo

    • 150 min. From Tokyo

    KAI Izumo is a hot spring ryokan in southern Japan with rooms featuring private outdoor baths fed by the rejuvenating waters of Tamatsukuri Hot Spring.

  • KAI Aso

    • 110 min. From Fukuoka

    KAI Aso is a hot spring ryokan inside Aso Kuju National Park. Guests stay in one of twelve villas—each with their own outdoor hot spring bath—on a massive property surrounded by a stunning forest.