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KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Beppu

KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Beppu

Scheduled to open in July 2021, KAI Beppu is a hot spring ryokan in an area with one of the highest numbers and amount of hot springs in Japan. It offers a contemporary spin on the traditional Beppu hot spring experience—hopping from bath to bath and making detours to shops and traditional arcade stalls along the way. This vibrant aesthetic extends to the rooms, which all offer expansive ocean views.

  • 150 min. from Fukuoka
  • English-speaking staff
  • Best Rate Guarantee
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Outdoor bath
  • Half-board

What is KAI?

What is KAI?

Japan’s hidden luxuries—at your fingertips

KAI is a leading brand of upscale boutique hot spring ryokans. Every establishment offers a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese inn, providing unique, location-specific experiences. From exclusive activities to specialty suites, KAI is an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich diversity of Japanese culture.


Reddish-brown walls are inspired by the waters of Chinoike Jigoku, a local hot spring that flows out of a volcanic plateau. It complements the blue of the ocean, visible through the picture window, which frames the sea and its myriad expressions. The rich colors are accentuated by traditional dye works and artistic light fixtures.

KAI Signature Rooms

KAI Signature Rooms incorporate elements of regional craft cultures in their design.

Room types (5)

KAI Amenities

Wrapping cloth

In Japan, objects are traditionally carried around in a makeshift bag formed from a sheet of cloth, known as furoshiki. Guests are invited to use these cloths to carry their belongings around the premises.

Luxury mattresses

Our own brand mattresses have been designed to provide proper support to the body while also being soft enough to sink into, allowing for undisturbed sleep.

Other amenities

Shower booth / TV / phone / electric kettle / fridge / safe box / hair dryer / toilet with bidet functions / humidifier


The warm climate and varied geography of Beppu make it ideal for producing ingredients that are rich in flavor. There is also a diverse array of marine life that flows into Beppu Bay from the Pacific Ocean via the Kuroshio Current. Every season yields a different set of culinary treasures that inspire the kaiseki meals served here.


Dinners feature creative dishes prepared with seasonal local ingredients, some of which are served on ornately crafted containers.


KAI serves breakfast made with ingredients that let you taste the flavor of the region and the local cooking techniques.

  • No Western meals are served, either at dinner or breakfast.
  • Standard prices include half board.
  • Allergy Information

Hot spring

The outdoor bath is lined with colorful, locally-sourced volcanic rocks and surrounded by a Japanese garden that changes its look every season. The indoor bath looks out into a picturesque view and is also decorated with porcelain ware in the shape of local flowers. The saline water will warm the body to its core and moisturize the skin.

Yuagari Lounge

The Yuagari Lounge allows guests to cool off after a bath while sipping on a refreshing beverage inspired by the local culture.

KAI Cultural Discovery

Every KAI establishment offers a selection of free activities designed to introduce guests to Japan's regional cultures.

Toji Jug Band

Beppu Port was once filled with lively music especially at night, where visitors gathered to treat their ailments by soaking in the city's hot spring waters—a practice known as toji. Inspired by this history, KAI Beppu presents the "Toji Jug Band," a cultural discovery session of abundant hot springs and musical sounds created by wooden pails, bringing the lively ambiance of the hot spring town into the ryokan. 

New kind of hot spring experience


At the end of the cobblestone pathway of the ryokan's premises is the LAB—a space that offers a different atmosphere depending on the time of day. The room is decorated with lights designed to evoke an image of pipes delivering hot spring water. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities inspired by hot spring culture, including the making of aroma mists by blending aroma oils with the hot spring water of Beppu. 


Takegawara Onsen

This locally run bathhouse has been in operation since 1879—although its current building with iconic curved gable was built in 1938. As one of the genuine establishments in this hot spring town, this bathhouse is famous for its sand baths in which bathers lie on top of the sand in a yukata while the staff buries them in hot spring-warmed sand.

  • 5min
  • Jigoku Meguri

    Literally "a tour of hell"—pools of boiling hot water is dominant in the traditional Japanese concept of hell—to observe seven distinctive hot springs, such as the blood-red Chinoike Jigoku and deep blue Umi Jigoku. It is almost like a hot spring theme park in one of Japan's top hot spring destinations.

  • 20min
  • Jigoku Mushi

    Local culinary technique involving the use of hot springs to steam food. Steamers are placed above a boiler that produces steam at 100℃ so the food is instantly cooked, enhancing the ingredients' umami. Some places allow visitors to bring in their own ingredients.

    Yukemuri Observatory

    This observatory allows visitors to enjoy the unique sight of white smoke pillars rising from Beppu's many hot spring baths, with scenic Mount Tsurumi in the distance. At night, the smoke blends with the city lights, creating an out of this world view.


    Check-in 15:00
    Check-out 12:00
    Rooms 70
    Parking 62
    Facilities Front Desk / Shared baths halls / Yuagari Lounge / Restaurant / Travel Library / Shop

    Travel Library

    Every KAI establishment features a library consisting of books on the area's history, culture, crafts, and geography. Complimentary refreshments are also served.

    KAI Beppu

    2-14-29 Kitahama Beppu,
    Oita 874-0920