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KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Aso

KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Aso

Located 2 hours by train from Fukuoka Airport, KAI Aso is a hot spring ryokan inside Aso Kuju National Park, a Global Geopark in southern Japan. Guests stay in one of twelve villas—each with their own outdoor hot spring bath—dotted throughout the ryokan's 27,000 m² premises. All around spreads a stunning forest created through past volcanic activity.

  • 110 min. From Fukuoka
  • English-speaking staff
  • Best Rate Guarantee
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Outdoor bath
  • Half-board

What is KAI?

What is KAI?

Japan’s hidden luxuries—at your fingertips

KAI is a leading brand of upscale boutique hot spring ryokans. Every establishment offers a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese inn, providing unique, location-specific experiences. From exclusive activities to specialty suites, KAI is an invitation to immerse yourself in the rich diversity of Japanese culture.


Guests stay in one of twelve villas distributed throughout an enormous 27,000 m2 area, surrounded by a vast forest. Each villa features a wood-and-stone design imbued with a warm natural touch, and includes an outdoor deck embedded with a private hot spring bath.

KAI Signature Rooms

KAI Signature Rooms incorporate elements of regional craft cultures in their design. All 12 Signature Rooms at KAI Aso feature amenities inspired by the Aso caldera, one of the world's largest, that was produced by Aso's past volcanic activity. From a tea set finished with a lava glaze to plant-dyed cushions and Igusa woven rush mat, guests can experience the natural materials of the region, then slip on traditional handmade Hita geta sandals for a walk through the beautiful nature.

Room types (2)

KAI Amenities

100% flax yukata

These casual kimono have been meticulously woven to provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter.
*We will prepare it for those who wish. Please let us know when you check in.

Wrapping cloth

In Japan, objects are traditionally carried around in a makeshift bag formed from a sheet of cloth, known as furoshiki. Guests are invited to use these cloths to carry their belongings around the premises.

Other amenities

Outdoor hot spring bath / indoor jet bath / TV / phone / electric kettle / fridge / safe box / hair dryer / toilet with bidet functions / air purifier with humidifying function


Meals feature a main course of sliced wagyu beef and vegetables flambéed in shochu on a lava plate, served with a condiment made by pickling tofu in miso paste. Other course dishes are prepared with flavorsome, locally sourced ingredients that are in season.


Dinners consist of multi-course kaiseki meals that include visually pleasing dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Guests may choose between standard and special.


Breakfasts feature traditional regional cuisine such as long green onions seasoned with a miso vinegar, and rice cooked in a clay pot.

  • No Western meals are served, either at dinner or breakfast.
  • Standard prices include half board.
  • Allergy Information

Hot spring

Rooms feature decks with outdoor hot spring baths that allow guests to enjoy a soak whenever they wish. Every deck presents a panoramic view of Aso's vibrant natural scenery, which spreads just beyond the decks.

  • There are no shared bath halls. Guests are invited to enjoy the hot spring baths located in their individual villas.
  • Villas also feature indoor jet baths, though the water used in the indoor baths does not come from a hot spring.

Yuagari Lounge

Guests are invited to cool off on their room's terrace after a dip in the bath, with some complimentary refreshing beverage inspired by Aso.


Same day reservations available at the front Desk.

KAI Cultural Discovery

Every KAI establishment offers a selection of free activities designed to introduce guests to Japan's regional cultures. Aso is home to Mt. Aso, an active volcano with one of the largest craters in the world. At KAI Aso, guests are invited to learn more about this volcano and served drinks made with Aso's natural spring water and regale guests with stories about Mt. Aso.

Caldera Learn & Drink

Complementary shochu mojitos and non-alcoholic sodas made from dekopon oranges are served, where each guest also receives their very own caldera modeling kit.

Caldera exercises

Held each morning on the ryokan observation terrace, these breath exercises invigorate guests with Aso's mountain air and, on clear days, allow for spectacular views of the Aso Mountains.



  • From Fukuoka area

  • From Kumamoto area

  • Complimentary shuttle service

    Complimentary Taxi Service between Kurokawa Onsen Bus Stop and KAI Aso (~15min travel time)

    Waiting area: Kurokawa Onsen Bus Stop (along Route 442) or outside the Kaze-no-ya tourist information center

    Pick-ups can be arranged for anytime between 15:00 and 17:00. Return trips can be arranged for anytime in the morning until noon. Complimentary service limited to one trip per group per day.

    Free taxi Reservations


    KAI Reservation Center
    10:00~19:00 GMT+9

    • Each party may arrange one free round trip per day during their stay during the designated hours.
    • For trips from Kurokawa Onsen, please book up to 1 day prior to your arrival by calling the KAI Reservation Line. Return trips can be arranged during check-in.


Check-in 15:00
Check-out 12:00
Rooms 12
8 Western-style Rooms with outdoor bath / 4 Western-style Suites with outdoor bath
Parking 15
Facilities Restaurant / Travel Library / Shop / Front Desk

Travel Library

Every KAI establishment features a library consisting of books on the area's history, culture, crafts, and geography, as well as novels that spur a sense of adventure. Complimentary coffee is also served.


628-6 Senomoto, Yutsubo, Kokonoe-machi,
Kusu-gun, Oita 879-4912