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KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Anjin

KAI Hoshino Resorts KAI Anjin

Located 100 minutes by train from Tokyo, KAI Anjin is a hot spring ryokan in the coastal city of Ito, with rooms and penthouse bath halls that overlook the ocean. In homage to its eponymous 17th century English navigator, better known outside Japan as William Adams, the ryokan has been designed as an art space with a maritime theme.

  • 100 min. From Tokyo
  • English-speaking staff
  • Best Rate Guarantee
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Outdoor bath
  • Half-board

What is KAI?

What is KAI?

Japan’s hidden luxuries—at your fingertips

KAI is a leading brand of luxury boutique hot spring ryokans. Every establishment offers a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese inn, providing unique, location-specific experiences—from exclusive activities to specialty suites—designed to immerse guests in the lavish world of Japanese regional craftsmanship.


All rooms are KAI Signature Rooms offering ocean views and featuring maritime artwork that will make guests want to unfurl a nautical map and gaze out at the Pacific with a telescope. No two rooms feature the same design.

KAI Signature Rooms

KAI Signature Rooms incorporate elements of regional craft cultures in their design. At KAI Anjin, they reflect Ito's history as a pioneer in Western shipbuilding. Antique-like helms and oars adorn rooms, while suites feature record players and a selection of period music.

Room types (4)

KAI Amenities

100% flax yukata

These casual kimono have been meticulously woven to provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter.

Wrapping cloth

In Japan, objects are traditionally carried around in a makeshift bag formed from a sheet of cloth. Guests are invited to use these cloths to carry their belongings around the premises.

Luxury mattresses

Our own brand mattresses have been designed to provide proper support to the body while also being soft enough to sink into, allowing for undisturbed sleep.

Other amenities

Shower booth / Bath (suites only) / TV / phone / electric kettle / fridge / safe box / hair dryer / toilet with bidet functions / air purifier with humidifying function


Meals feature British-inspired fare made with locally sourced seafood that is in season. Guests are seated in semi-private booths, each ornamented with distinctive designs.


Dinners consist of multi-course kaiseki meals that include visually pleasing dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Guests may choose between standard and special.


This set meal features a soup inspired by the traditional fisherman's breakfast, flavored simply with sea bream broth, salt, soy sauce, and ginger.

  • No Western meals are served, either at dinner or breakfast.
  • Standard prices include half board.
  • Allergy Information

Hot spring

The penthouse bath halls offer a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful color gradations paint the sky at dusk, while at night, the bright moon causes a shimmering reflection in the water. Each bath hall has a granite indoor bath and a rock-adorned outdoor bath.

Yuagari Lounge

Located adjacent to the bath halls, the lounge connects to the San Buena Deck, where guests may cool off in the refreshing ocean breeze, drink in hand, after a dip in the baths.

San Buena Deck

This spacious area pays homage to the deck of the San Buena Ventura, the first Western ship built in Japan. Enjoy food and beverages that hearken back to the Age of Discovery.

KAI Activities

Every KAI establishment offers a selection of free activities designed to introduce guests to Japan's regional cultures. At KAI Anjin, activities revolve around maritime techniques once required of ship's crews and maritime pilots in the days of William Adams. Guests are given a taste of what life on the high seas was like in the Age of Discovery.

The Blue-Eyed Samurai's Journey

This dramatic telling of William Adams's story describes how he arrived in Japan and taught the country how to build Western-style ships.



Check-in 15:00
Check-out 12:00
Rooms 45
32 Western-style Twin / 8 Western-style Double / 5 Western-style Suite
Parking 53
Facilities Shared bath halls / Yuagari Lounge / San Buena Deck / Restaurant / Travel Library / Shop

Travel Library

Every KAI establishment features a library consisting of books on the area's history, culture, crafts, and geography. Complimentary refreshments are also served.

KAI Anjin

5-12 Nagisa-cho, Ito-shi,
Shizuoka 414-0023