Vacation at Hakuba Valley, Japan's largest snow resort

Vacation at Hakuba Valley, Japan's largest snow resort

Located at the foot of the northern Alps, the Hakuba area's Hakuba Valley features magnificent scenery and over ten ski resorts, making it the perfect place to enjoy winter sports. The area received significant attention during the 1998 Nagano Olympics, and is still world-famous for its high-quality powder snow.
At KAI Alps, we offer a wide range of services designed to help our guests make the most of their visit.
*Hakuba Valley joins in the Epic Pass program. Details>>

Easy access to HAKUBA VALLEY!
Free shuttle buses to and from the 3 major ski fields

We will be operating one free shuttle trip per day from KAI Alps to Hakuba Goryu Ski Area, Hakuba Happo-one Ski Area, and Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field. There is also The ALPICO Express Bus operates between "Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort" and JR Nagano station.

Free Shuttle Bus Information

The ALPICO Express Bus Information

Relax in our "Mountain Lounge" between skiing

KAI Alps's "Mountain Lounge" is located in Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort's Resort Center. Exclusive to KAI Alps guests, the "Mountain Lounge" is the perfect place to take a break. Equipped with a café machine and ambient music, you can settle in and enjoy some time to yourself.

Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort, Resort Center "Escal Plaza", 3rd Floor
December 21, 2019 through April 1, 2020
*Please note that the schedule is affected by snowfall.
9 AM - 5 PM
Not required
* Available before check-in and after check-out

"Guided Ski Tour" with an exclusive guide to accompany you through the day

Happo-one Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Japan, and we are proud of our popularity in the Hakuba Valley. In this ski resort, where you can enjoy winter activities to the fullest, we are now offering a tour with an exclusive guide of the area. In addition to introducing guests to suitable ski courses, our guides will escort the guests for an entire day and introduce them to sightseeing spots and cuisine that are only known to local guides who have an intimate knowledge of the Hakuba area. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this tour is fun and useful to anyone wanting to learn more about the area. For details, please call or send us an email.

December 21, 2019 through March 31, 2020
Included in the plan:
Guide fee, round trip fee
*Guests will bear the burden of on-site charges such as lift fees and food charges on their own.

Hit the slopes with our lift pass plan!

KAI Alps offers a lift pass plan: The Hakuba Valley Access pass. We recommended for people who want to ski at multiple ski resorts in Hakuba area. These are real lift passes, not vouchers, meaning they can be used immediately upon your arrival.


After having fun at Hakuba Valley, enjoy your stay at KAI Alps

Ski gear dry-off room
Ski gear dry-off room

KAI Alps has a special room for drying off ski equipment.

Warm your body in the hot spring

Warm the cold body at the ski resort with hot springs. On the snowy days, the view from the outdoorbath amazes us while we are soking in the hotspring.

Warm your body in the hot spring
Enjoy chat about skiing over the sunken hearth
Enjoy talk skiing over the sunken hearth

In our sunken hearth room, we serve local Shinshu products with warm sake. Sit around the fire and have a nice talk about your adventures on the slopes.

Play in the snow at KAI Alps

When the snow piles high, giant snow forts appear at KAI Alps. Snow shoes are also available for rental to ensure our guests can enjoy the snowy areas outside of the ski slopes.

Play in the snow at KAI Alps